Oakdale Equestrian Arena Kits is an innovative designed arena that can be used without a costly drainage system The arenas have a specially designed membrane system which can be laid above ground. Then a base layer of recycled carpet and sand is compressed with an added top layer of carpet to create a riding surface which is suitable for most disciplines.

The surface drains quickly, and is easy to maintain. It provides good traction and rides with minimal impact on tendons and ligaments.

The fencing is of the highest standard redwood timber, which is sustainably sourced, treated to British standards with a desired service life of 15 years.

The kit includes three rail fencing with a total of 300mm high kickboards. An upgrade to reinforced white plastic fencing is available, which is four times the strength of wooden fencing, economical, and requires no maintenance.

The kit is completely supplied as DIY, however, we are happy to provide a quotation for full installation.

Arena Kit Prices – Download