Oakdale Construction and Maintenance has been working for Canary Wharf Management and Contractors since it was first formed in September 2008. In one of our early projects Oakdale helped CWML along with a French foundry design the civils products which are installed across the wharf to date. Since this time we have carried out a number of unusual and challenging projects from simple small works such as changing paving, installation of street furniture, mastic application, to larger works such as road resurfacing and painting car parks. The company thrives as all members of our team enjoy a challenge. Away from the Wharf Oakdale has worked on many different projects including a log home construction, refurbishment of commercial and domestic properties, dismantling and erection of steel buildings, haulage and crane assist. We have a large skill set and solving problems is certainly our forte. There always has to be a solution and Oakdale will find it.

Oakdale carries out a range of works to assist with the repair and development of both structures and the surrounding infrastructure. Common works include; repairs, replacement of civils, installation and replacement of traffic columns, signage, installation of ducts, resurfacing works and paving repairs. We have also carried out more specialized works such as installation of expansion road joints, creation of stainless steel recycling tables, erection of Christmas trees and the transport and installation with crane assist haulage of many Canary Wharf’s sculptures. We also have a 24 hour response service for Canary Wharf Management Ltd with a response time of 2 hours.

We are committed to building relationships based on performance, integrity and client satisfaction. We provide accurate quotations with no hidden costs and inform clients of issues as they arise. We aim to give our clients good value for money and build a relationship on trust. We ensure all our work carried out is to a high standard by good planning and involvement from the site managers, all works are then checked and signed off by quality control staff which includes the managing director.