The carpet turnout pens design came about due to a severe case of laminitis with one of our own horses. The recycled carpet surface assisted in the road to recovery by increasing the ability to bear weight and manage forage intake.

We then widened our range of pens to suit different ailments inducing the management of sand colic, COPD, mud fever and thrush. Not only are the pens an alternative to box rest allowing horses to live outside, prevent stable vices and minimises the exposure to dust and spores.

They can hugely help with the management of over grazing and poaching. We have also found that the carpet is beneficial in keeping competition horses spotless.

A standard turn out pen is 15m x 10m however we can adapt sizes and materials to suit your management needs including providing shelters

The pens are available in three different packages, Bronze, Silver and Gold, please see additional leaflets.

Turnout Pens Prices – Download